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Amy & Beth

CCAMR provided funding for Scott to purchase an iPad with a communication app called Proloquo2Go. Scott says, "I use my iPad to communicate with my mom, staff, and boss by email if I am sick. I talk to coworkers and friends to calm my stress. I use my iPad to talk to doctors about medical problems."

Marci & Austin

Marci and Austin were awarded a grant from CCAMR to put a ramp conversion on their family's van. According to the family, the ramp allows for Marci and Austin to have increased independence in getting in and out of the van and allows for them to get the the store, appointments, and visits with family and friends much more quickly and conveniently. 


The mini grant that AJ received from CCAMR provided him with funds to get needed dental work to save a tooth that needed to be repaired and crowned. AJ said, "You helped me a lot, and now I have a great smile!" 


Longtime friends Amy and Beth are young adults with intellectual disability. They started a greeting card business with the help of their parents. They received a mini grant from CCAMR to fund a job coach in order to increase their productivity, and, as a result of receiving this funding, Amy and Beth's card business has continued to grow. To see some of their work, click here.

Grant Recipients Share Their Stories
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